Swift Polling is already in Great Britain. Create text and web polls with UK phone numbers and excite your audience. Don’t forget about open-ended questions and wordclouds to spark your Q&A sessions.

Swift Polling supports UK phone numbers

Why do you need to choose Swift Polling?

  • Multiple choice polls: you can create multiple choice sms and web polls. UK phone numbers will ease the voting via text message.
  • Open-ended questions: if you need your audience to submit short text responses or feedback, open-ended polls are the handy tool for you.
  • Interactive wordclouds: when you need to collect short feedback or organize a one-word game, wordcloud is the best choice to spark your event.
  • SMS and text voting: after you create a free account, Swift assigns you a UK phone number and an event code which will assist in both text and web voting at the same time.
  • Intuitive dashboard: Swift is simple to understand and easy to use. There are no sophisticated steps to take toward creating your poll.
  • Multiple presentation graphics: you can present the results using different charts, as well as change the colors of the background, and upload your own logo to have a branded presentation page.
  • You can add polls to your PowerPoint slides: you can create polls and add them to your PowerPoint slides using Web Viewer add-on.
  • Link your questions to create a survey: you can use the advanced settings of Swift Polling to link your polls and create beautiful interactive surveys.
  • We require no monthly or annual subscriptions: the payment you make to purchase the plan of your choice will be active for one month. After that month, we will not automatically charge you. When you need Swift Polling for another event, you will buy the plan for another month.
  • We have a live chat support: our support is available via live chat to answer any questions about Swift Polling that you might have. You can also reach out to us on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

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