Gamification is a buzzword nowadays, but how can we make use of it in real-life settings such as event planning, giving a presentation or organizing a meeting session?

Games are educational. We have to learn to play the game, and in that process we learn the patterns and rules of play. Good games make people work harder.

We have prepared a selection of gamification ideas to apply to your presentations. They will help you educate better, and help your audience learn easier.

7 interactive presentation games to amplify your event planning

1. Team and collaborative exercises

Break your audience into small groups of people and assign timed activities or let them come up with a solution to a problem. This approach typically works for smaller meetings, especially when the attendees know each other, or are colleagues.

2. Simulations and role playing

Putting your audience in an imagined situation and assigning roles in order to solve a problem or to find a new way to do old things is a very efficient approach. This kind of activity respects prior knowledge and experience. Important thing to note here is that your audience needs to know each other very well to make it successful. Otherwise, people will feel shy and you will not observe enough participation.

3. Prizes and rewards

Ask your audience questions in the beginning of the presentation and then collect answers in the end. This will motivate people to look for the answers and therefore be more attentive throughout. Include giving rewards such as different merchandises like shirts, glasses in your event planning. 

People always like competition, so you can determine different prizes for the first three correct answers.

4. Make the audience the judge

Have your audience vote on different presentations and pitches. This way the attendees of your conference will feel in control of shaping the content they get. You can use services such as ExciteM’s Swift Polling to easily setup a poll and collect votes.

5. Include polls in your presentation

This is a proven way to engage and gamify. Ask for your audience’s opinion on the subject on which you are speaking. This way you will get real-time insight, while involving the listeners in an easy way, which does not take any effort from them but adds taste to the event.

Our Swift Polling allows for PowerPoint integration and you will be able to show real-time results during your presentation as the votes appear.

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6. Suggest “1 minute of fame”

Ask your audience to nominate someone for a speech. Let them decide who they want to see onstage with open-ended poll questions; such services are available online. You can use PollEverywhere or to setup word-cloud polls. 

7. Let your people decide on the agenda

Ask your audience which topics they would prefer to hear about during your presentation or conference. You can create a list of pre-defined topics, and let them choose the top 3 or 5 of them. This process can be made easy for your event planning with Swift Polling. You will later be able to show the results on your website or inside your presentation.





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