Sometimes it’s quite hard to find out what your congregation needs, as not all of them truly speak out. Usually, only the most active members share their feelings and thoughts, while the others are too shy. Anonymous church survey can be a great solution for these kinds of problems.


Technology offers variety of survey tools which you can use to get insight quickly and efficiently. Here are six church survey ideas that will help you to make congregation surveys more engaging:

1. Keep it interesting

Ask interesting questions, but most importantly avoid using questions that are very similar. If you want to gather reliable results, then your church survey needs to have mixed questions that aren’t boring for the congregation.

2. Shorter is better

The shorter the congregation survey, the more likely people will complete it. People don’t like filling long surveys with too many details. One of the best solutions is to use a live polling app. Swift Polling allows you to combine several polls and create a short survey. This way it will take just several minutes to complete it. The voting process is super easy: The respondents can submit their answers via text or web voting, which only takes seconds.


3. Make it unbiased

Do not include questions that are leading to certain answers. Keep it unbiased and you’ll get the real answers. Questions like “Would you like to change the Sunday meeting hour as most of the congregation has trouble being present at that time?” lead to answers that might not really express the true feelings of the respondent.

4. Ask multiple-choice questions

People usually skip open-ended questions or don’t answer them properly. Multiple-choice questions make it easier for the respondents to answer. Church satisfaction surveys can be fully comprised of multiple-choice questions. You can use live polling to make fast polls and make it interactive for your congregation to answer.


5. Share the results

One of the best church survey ideas is to share the survey results with your congregation. People will enjoy and feel appreciated especially when they learn about the survey results. One of the great features that Swift Polling has is the ability to share the poll results with your audience in real time. Your congregation survey will become more engaging and interesting.

6. Take action

The last and the most important part is what comes after the church satisfaction survey: taking action. Make the changes your congregation truly needs. Use the information you got from the survey to show your congregation how much you care about them.


Use these six tips and make your church survey a better experience for you and your congregation. Live polling can be a great help by making it more engaging and interactive for the group to give honest answers.

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