Nowadays there are variety of data representation tools that people use to have better experience and the communicate the information. Word cloud (tag cloud) is one of these tools that communicates information in a very creative way.

It’s a visual representation of words that were mentioned. The larger and bolder the word in a word cloud, the more times it was mentioned by the audience.


Swift Polling is introducing a word cloud feature, where users can present their results by this new feature. It’s straightforward to make a word cloud with Swift Polling.

First, create a word cloud in your account – this will require typing a question such as: Which is your favorite fruit?

Then, just present the instructions to your audience – use the beautiful presentation mode, where the audience can see how to send an entry. There are two ways to respond – by sending a text message to the phone number attached to your account, or by joining the event on the web using the event code.

After that, just observe how the words appear on the screen as students are submitting them. The word cloud is set up so that if any of the words is repeatedly sent, it will become bigger on the screen. Larger words will give you an idea of the popularity of that words among your audience.

Word clouds can become an indivisible part of your classroom. It’s a great example of how technology can enhance student learning by making it more engaging and more interesting. There are many ways you can use word clouds for learning perspectives. Here are several tips that will guide you:

Students learn better if the topics are summarized after each class. Asking students to raise a hand and tell the summary in a few words is already an old way of making concluding remarks.

With word cloud it will be much more fun for the students to summarize the lesson learned. Moreover, they will remember it better as they can see the summary visualized. It’s very useful for different classes – for example, for the literature class, a sample question can be: Which word would best describe the main character?

For history it can be: In which year did Christopher Columbus start the European Colonization of the Americas?


Word clouds work both with numbers, and words. There are many other possible applications in subjects like math, physics or languages.

Just ask your students: In one word, sum up the one thing you learned from this topic.

Here’s an example of responses on climate change topic:

Isn’t it amazing? Students can learn what the opinions of their classmates, and then have a productive discussion about the word cloud they have created.

At the start of each semester students face some issues with integration to the new class environment. New teacher, new classmates. Often it can be quite hard and time consuming for students to make new friends and start trusting the teacher. Let the students create a word cloud to learn about you and one another. The questions can be very creative and fun. For example:

What’s your favorite TV show?

Which country do you want to visit?

Your favorite activity except studying? ?


Most of the students don’t like the days before the exams. Some of them feel lack of confidence or have difficulty remembering complex terminology. Make a word cloud with an audience response system such as Swift Polling to give your students confidence before their exams.

Short quizzes on the passed topics will make them remember what they’ve learned weeks ago.

For example:

Which elements are present in all proteins?

Who was the first president of United States?

How’s apple called in Spanish?



Students have two class evaluations during the semester: One in the middle and one at the end. These evaluations are a vital part of the class as after these instructors can make certain changes in teaching methods and improve student learning. Swift’s word cloud feature can be a perfect and interactive tool for this serious activity. Ask questions which will be to the point and will express the whole feedback students have on the class materials and teaching methods.

What was the best thing in this class?

What did you dislike the most?

What was the most effective assignment during the semester?


Real-time word cloud is an amazing tool for integrating it to your classroom. You will observe a higher level of student engagement and interaction, and the learning process will become more interesting.

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