When speaking to an audience, it’s important to show — not just tell — your message. But this principle doesn’t end with your prepared remarks. By using a word cloud, you can graphically show the audience members their own feedback.

Imagine a huge audience that is about to send some feedback with their mobile phones. The participants send their answers in a text. As they do, a word cloud appears on a screen showing the words from their feedback, with the size of each word indicating its frequency or importance.

The more often a certain word is sent by the audience, the bigger and the bolder it becomes in your word cloud.

Here’s how it looks: word cloud swift polling


It’s best to use a word cloud with an audience of more than 10 people. This way, you will get more opinions, more common words and a better understanding of your final result.

Word clouds can be used for:

Events – Whenever you are organizing a youth event or a film watching session, try to ask your audience to share their emotions and to give their feedback. This way, the word cloud they create will capture the impact of the event or film as it was experienced and they will see the results in real time on the screen.

Meetings – It is undeniable that employees often feel bored during meetings. For that very reason, employers started searching for the ways to keep them engaged. Using a word cloud is a good way to shake the things up. Employees are encouraged to share their feedback by text message. As a result, they see a colorful word collage right on the screen which will keep them engaged.

Classes – Hundreds of teachers in the U.S. are already using word clouds for their classes. They usually create word cloud at the end of their class in order to get the feedback from students about the new topic. They also use it to gather new and fresh ideas from the students about teaching methods. Students love that they can use their mobile phones without being penalized.

So, how to create a word cloud?

Swift Polling is a perfect word cloud generator that allows you to have a word cloud just in a few minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. 1. Sign up for your FREE account
  2. 2. Create an open-ended question which will be interesting for your audience
  3. 3. Ask your audience to send their opinion/feedback by text to the phone number of your account.
  4. 4. Go to the presentation mode specifically designed for presenting your word cloud and let everybody see the results update in real time.

Moreover, Swift enables to imbed the link of a word cloud in your PPT fast and easy, making it much more engaging and inclusive. You just need to:

    1. 1. Download and Install Swift Polling add-in by Excitem.
    2. 2. Select a poll you want to proceed.
    3. 3. Choose visualization type (charts and color theme).
    4. 4. Share word clouds with your audience.

As you see, it’s super easy to use this tool. It will keep your audience inspired and engaged. Make it colorful and cloudy with Swift Polling. 

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