You asked, we delivered! UK and Canadian phone numbers are available for our users.


A quick note for those who don’t know how Swift’s text polling feature works.

It’s very simple. You create a text poll and your audience vote by sending text messages to the phone number dedicated to your account. The phone number is picked when you create your account and remains active for a month.

Previously, we had only US phone numbers available which made it difficult for users from UK and Canada to vote for text polls.

But here’s the good news! Our customers from UK and Canada can now pick phone numbers with their country codes to provide the best voting experience for their audience.

The phone numbers can be selected when you sign up for your Swift account. All you need is to click on the flag icon and choose the flag of the country where you hold your event.


Choosing a phone number for text poll

You’ll automatically be offered a phone number but you can change it by entering your preferred area code.


text polls phone number


Once the sign up is completed, you can go ahead and create your text polls. People will be able to vote free of charge. Our new presentation page will allow you to show the voting instructions on the screen, which will make the user experience easier and fun.



The poll results will be updated in real-time and you can show them on the new presentation page with more beautiful and useful features.

Your audience can text not only the numbers of poll options but also their open ended questions or feedback to your Swift number. You can use this feature to spice up your Q&As with more interactivity.

But the most beautiful feature is yet to come. You can now create word clouds using Swift Polling, with each word coming from your audience. You ask a question, your audience responds and together you watch the responses turn into a cloud. Words that are submitted more than once, move and grow. And your audience discover shared feelings or opinions.

Want to try the new features? Sign up for Swift Polling and create your first text poll with a US, UK or Canadian phone number.


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