Employee motivation and engagement are essential for any organization. Engaged employees are happy, productive and loyal.


Employee motivation and engagement swift polling

We’ve interviewed several field experts and collected some valuable ideas that serve as a roadmap to fire up your employee’s engagement and motivation. While sharing the expert tips, we’ll also show how Swift Polling, with its text polls and online polls, can help you measure and improve employee engagement and translate your team-building efforts into a happy and productive workplace.

Here are the expert tips that Ramona Shah, an experienced HR manager and director in the beverage area of the hospitality space, has to share.

  1. “Investing in your employees and showing that you have a personal interest is a fantastic way to spark their interest in what you’re doing and increase employee motivation. The people on your team want to feel heard, and if they are, they will be much more likely to think your ideas are worth listening to
  2. Using the strengths of your employees in unexpected ways is a great way to open up a passion that may be lying dormant during work. We are all passionate about something, and if we can show the ways we are special during work hours, our demeanor and energy levels change dramatically. This can create a more creative and solution-based mental state, that when applied to standard work challenges that are usually approached on  autopilot, can achieve eye-opening results.
  3. I have always found a lot of success when creating a sense of ownership on my teams. Getting your team involved in a vast array of decisions and tasks where they have a say in the outcome makes them invested in the way those missions are carried out.

     For example, when creating cocktail menus for bars, having the whole team review the overall concept        and each  individual cocktail would ensure that they felt they were an integral part of the menu creation process and are much more likely to make those cocktails accurately and beautifully than if the finished menu were handed down from above.”

This is exactly where text polls and online polls can be a great supplement to spice up your employee motivation and engagement strategy. You can run real-time polls during your all-hands meetings and allow your employees to directly participate in the decision-making process. You can propose several ideas and let them text to vote for their favorite ones or even submit their own suggestions. The polls can be about anything from company strategies to team building activities. The idea is to give your team the chance to feel part of the idea generation process and they’ll be more motivated to turn the idea into a nice “cocktail,” as Shah suggests.

Online poll for team building

Tamica Sears, another HR professional and leadership development coach with over 15 years experience in multiple industries, says:

“Sometimes employee engagement is as simple as giving timely and appropriate feedback. When asked, unmotivated employees tend to have less ‘facetime’ with the leaders in their organization. If a team or department has low engagement, I often recommend that the managers begin to have frequent one-on-one meetings with their teams. These meetings, if structured correctly, can be extremely beneficial as they give the manager time to discuss career goals, personal aspirations and how the employee’s work fits into the overall vision and mission of the organization.

When employees are unaware of how their contributions impact the organization, they may not be as engaged. To help combat that, I have put together lunch-and-learns that take the employees through the lifecycle of the product. Every department explains how what they do touches the product, from finance to manufacturing to human resources.

Everyone is responsible, in some way, for helping get the product out the door. For example, if there was no finance department, nothing could be purchased, everything would be over budget and production would cease. It helps for each person to hear how they contribute to the bottom line of the organization. This also helps employees create impactful goals that, if completed, really help the organization move forward.

Another fun exercise is to get employees thinking about innovation. With the help of the leadership team, I’ve put together innovation contests where the employees think of ideas for new products, processes, or procedures that will help the company meet its goals.

This can be as small or as big an event as you want it to be, but it’s necessary that there is leadership buy-in so that whatever idea “wins” can be implemented.

I have used rewards in the past that give the winning employees or teams a small percentage of the cost savings or revenue generated from their idea. Feedback from these events are positive and participation sparks motivation and engagement.”

If you decide to follow Tamica’s last tip and run innovation contests, using text and online polls can be a fantastic way to choose the winners. Just create a poll by including all the ideas submitted by your team and invite everyone to text to vote anonymously for their favorite one. This healthy and fun competition will become an excellent team-building activity and level up employee motivation.



Engage and motivate your team by creating your first online or text poll with Swift Polling.


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