Marketers must create a buyer persona, a fictional and generalized target customer, in order to maintain a successful, data-driven strategy. It plays a vital role in inbound marketing no matter the size of your company.

Buyer personas will help your business to allocate resources, attract new leads, and understand what drives people to purchase your product. They’re the type of customer that reminds you why you made your product or service.

In addition, they can help companies understand what problems their customers need to solve and how their customers want to be involved in the sales process.


Marketers should create detailed buyer persona. But how? The key to making a great buyer persona is asking right questions to your customers. The process might be quite hard and boring for the customers. Most people don’t like answering a lot of questions, especially when the questions are open ended and they need to write a long reflection.

One of the exciting ways to create a buyer persona is to use real-time polling: This will engage your target audience by making the process enjoyable.

A live-polling app will enable you to ask questions to your audience and see how the results change in real time.

A great example of a live-polling app is Swift Polling by ExciteM, which will help you to create both multiple choice and open-ended questions in less than a minute. It is available in any location and people can vote from any device. Swift Polling also offers a variety of poll templates and backgrounds.

You can collect quantitative data from your target audience, including demographics (age, gender, location). You can also ask questions regarding your product or industry.

The best way to collect responses is to write questions that are fun but will also give you some specific insights. Let’s take a look at some of the example questions you can ask by live-polling app:

· Where do you live?

– City

– Suburb

– Rural Area

· Do you have a pet?

– Yes

– No


· Are you a…?

– Cat person

– Dog person

– Neither

– Both

· Do you exercise regularly?

– Yes

– No


The questions are endless. You just need to identify the right ones for your marketing needs.

Imagine how cool it will be for your target audience to vote and then see how others voted on the same question. It will keep them interested until all the questions are done.

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Swift Polling by ExciteM will make the journey of buyer persona creation engaging, fun and interactive.


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