Here at Swift Polling, we like following education blogs and sharing some good sources with our readers. This time we’ve decided to pick the most interesting and helpful articles about teaching, students and innovative education practices from the past month.

The five best education articles

Here are the best five education articles we have selected based on editor picks and reader engagement.

1.Putting an End to Fake Reading by Jori Krulder. All teachers want to cultivate a love of reading in their students. Yet it’s not something easy to achieve. Krulder, an English and reading teacher of 20 years, shares her experience and some valuable tips on how to foster a reading culture in the classroom.


2.How I reached my students through their smartphones by Ofelya Gyozalyan, a teaching assistant of managerial accounting at the American University of Armenia. Smartphones have become the inseparable companions of Generation Z. While mobile devices are often viewed as a major hindrance to academic achievements, Gyozalyan suggests that smartphones can become an effective learning tool. She shares her inspiring story of how she could engage her students with their own smartphones.


3.Accommodating Students with Dyslexia by Jessica Hamman, founder and CEO of Educator Learning Lab. Teaching students with dyslexia is a challenging task in today’s text-heavy education system. Hamman suggests five easy-to-implement accommodations that can make the learning experience of students with dyslexia less stressful and more engaging.


4.Why Self-Directed Learning Is Important for Struggling Students by Jennifer Bartell. This is a great article on how developing autonomy can help struggling students succeed. Bartell, an English teacher from Columbia, South Carolina, shares her strategy of developing her students’ self-confidence by encouraging them to think independently, embrace failures and practice leadership skills.


5.How Being a Teacher Will Make You a Ninja Parent by Christine Fiorentino. A little fun never hurt anyone. If you’re looking for an article that’s both true and funny, this is an excellent read. From the sixth sense to the incredible ability to multitask, Fiorentino covers some of the most unexpected skills that prepare teachers for parenthood.


This was our collection of the five best education articles of the previous two months. Feel free to share your favorite articles in the comments.


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