People who use live polling apps know that it makes our lives easier. Real-time polling is the new essential tool, helping us to have better communication, engaged audiences and interactive meetings in many situations including classrooms, corporate events, team meetings and conferences.

Let’s compare life with and without real-time audience polling apps and realize its impact on our workplaces and schools.


Several years ago, before the creation of live polling apps, people who held large meetings faced the problem of collecting responses. Imagine, you are holding a monthly meeting with your employees. You ask a question to more than 40 people from your organization about the two main problems they think need more attention from you. Everyone raises his or her hand to give an answer. Some of your employees talk more than 10 minutes and don’t give others time to state their opinions. Then, some of the thoughts start to repeat. However, the worst part is when employees start to disagree with each other and you cannot control the situation. This scenario is common everywhere, from universities to huge corporations.

Now, imagine this situation with a live-polling app. You asked the same question to your colleagues and now they need to reply by text voting. The overall process will take less than five minutes. The employees just need to text to vote. They will type their open-ended answer in a text message and send it to the number given by ExciteM.


In school, asking questions to large classes — such as how many students agree with a statement or how many got the correct answer — can be time-consuming. Without the proper tool to ask such questions, instructors waste time while trying to figure out how many people raised hands. Likewise, getting the answers to a multiple-choice question written on pieces of paper is also cumbersome. It can take more than an hour to figure out what is the overall picture.engaging-tool-classroom-live-polling

Now, let’s see how ExciteM can solve this issue. An online poll can be made in less than a minute, then students can use their phones, tablets or PCs for voting. Real-time polls have both web and text voting options. Live polling makes the class more engaging as students can see the overall result in real time. You, as the instructor, will save time and nerves, as now you’ll be able to have clear results and automatically calculated percentages of those results. There’s no paperwork. Everything is straightforward and is on a dashboard.

In our society of extroverts and introverts, the latter ones are usually shy or afraid of expressing their opinions in front of many people.

Imagine a youth event with more than a hundred participants. As one of the speakers, you want to make sure that all participants have the opportunity to express themselves. You lead a discussion about the issues that cause climate change and see that out of one hundred youngsters, only a few people participate. Unfortunately, you cannot push the others to speak, as it will make them more uncomfortable.


Here, again, a real-time audience polling app can help. If you want to have interactive and fun discussions, make interesting polls about the topic you are discussing with the youngsters. Ask them to text to vote, show them the real-time results and ask why did they vote in a certain way. When they see that there are people who have similar thoughts, they will feel more comfortable and confident to speak up.

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Summing up, life with live polling apps is much easier, optimal and efficient. You can make your audience enjoy the process of giving feedback and answering multiple-choice questions.











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