There are millions of polls created everyday, some receive massive reach, others are left unanswered and untouched. If only there was a secret formula to reach success not only in creating engaging polls, but to implement it in every aspect of our lives. Luckily there is a guide that can be applied to both situations. Let’s go back a little and think about the following scenario that has likely happened to each one of us:



You wake up one spectacular morning and draft a perfect plan in your head: You are going to university, after that you will go to the gym, attend an online lecture on trading, work on the amazing business ideas that you have, and then finish the day by practicing piano. Geting up from bed confident and positive you think that exciting things are happening in your life. You are going to improve yourself like you have always wanted to and now you have the perfect plan.

There are two scenarios: In the first, you won’t be able to do it. As you go through the day somewhere between going to the gym and working on business ideas you get stuck. You are not able to do as you had planned, even though the plan sounded reasonable and doable in your head. The second scenario, the unlikely one, is that even if you are able to pull off the plan, you wouldn’t be more then average in every sphere that you pursued.

As you can see, success and the things that we can do differ from theory to action. In our minds, we believe that some things can be achieved and done, when in reality they cannot. In the book “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results,” authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan talk about why and how focusing only on one thing instead of 10 or 100 brings more success and result. As Josh Billings famously said, “Be like a postage stamp— stick to one thing until you get there.” There are countless examples, from Mark Zuckerberg to Lebron James to Stephen Hawking. They all were focused on one particular thing only.


Here are some lies identified by the authors which lead our mind to think the opposite of what could be achieved in reality:

1. Everything matters equally

When you are in a phase of life when you are faced with a lot of things to do, rather than narrowing it down to a few things, you should narrow it down to one thing. To do that, just ask yourself: “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

2. Multitasking

It has been said that multitasking is screwing up several things at once. The reality is that multitasking doesn’t make your work more efficient, it just slows your work and leads to stress.

3. Disciplined life

Having a disciplined life wouldn’t lead to success, but developing a habit of doing the right thing could. Sixty-six days are needed to form a habit. The sooner you learn to do it, the sooner success will knock on your door.

4. Willpower is always on will-call

Willpower is a limited resource and unreliable one. So dedicate your willpower to doing your One Thing before it runs out.

5. Big is bad

It is a lie. When you think small you achieve small. Thinking determines our actions, even at a subconscious level. So, think as big as you can, because it can change your actions in real life. If your goal is to become a millionaire, then think about becoming a billionaire.

The trick to reach success is to understand and learn to use those five points to achieve your One Thing. Now that we already discussed what those five points are, let’s see how they can be implemented in creating successful polls.

polling-success-fantastic-results polls

Swift Polling offers various services and options while creating live polls. Some of them are: real-time SMS and web polling, poll integration in PowerPoint, and the ability to create open ended questions. With so many possibilities, how exactly should you create your poll to reach maximum success? First of all, you need to narrow down the purpose of your poll. Figure out what is the One Thing that you want to achieve the most. Once you figure it out, all of the questions should be constructed around it.

Secondly, think of a bigger goal to achieve, rather than the one that you need. Let’s say you need 1,000 people to answer to your poll, then start thinking about 1 million people. Do your work as if you need to reach a million people. Lastly, make your poll questions as short and interactive as possible. People, besides having short attention spans, also have limited willpower. If you make it too long, or too complicated, people will just give it up after answering couple of questions. That’s how you can maximize the success of your poll.

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