Employee motivation is one of the crucial aspects of having successful business operations in the workplace. Work motivation is comprised of several parts and needs proper regulation for satisfactory job implementation.

The main question is how to boost employee motivation to have a positive work atmosphere and employee satisfaction.



Two of the main factors of employee motivation are engagement in the workplace and the strong belief that their voice is being heard by their managers and executives. These can play a vital role in your employees’ work motivation and performance, which will lead to higher productivity.

Listening to your employees’ concerns and opinions in the workplace is strongly connected to their motivation to work. However, it is worth mentioning that a worrying number of employees are afraid or shy to speak up. The reasons can be different. Some think that it is not safe to speak up, the others think their opinions will be laughed at by others, so it is better to stay silent.

This kind of behavior in the workplace can be quite costly and cause a toxic atmosphere which may destroy employee motivation. Department managers and higher executives need to find the best tools for engaging their employees: They need to make a safe working space for everyone and encourage them to speak up. So how can you make this significant change in your workplace culture?

Nowadays, one of the best tools that can help you to engage your employees and receive their thoughts and feedback is real-time polling.


1)  Get anonymous feedback with live polling

Just imagine: your company is having some financial issues, and you need to make important decisions in order to change the harsh reality. However, you are not quite sure what is not working well. You think many of your employees are unmotivated and this affects their productivity, which, unfortunately, leads to financial difficulties. You want to know the reason for their lack of motivation: Is it the salary? Or is it the new technological changes in the department?

The problem is your employees have a tendency of always telling you that everything is OK and they are satisfied with their work. However, they are not. They are just afraid of speaking up.

So here comes the help of real-time polling, which enables text voting via phone.Swift Polling by ExciteM is the easiest real-time polling tool, which will help you to get feedback from your employees and find out what isn’t working well in your department or company.




2) Use live polling in your team building activities

Another way to use text voting and motivate your employees and maintain a friendly and engaging atmosphere at the workplace is to use the tool for team building activities. Employees feel more comfortable when they know more about their coworkers.

You can use text polling during a corporate event or meeting, and ask questions such as: What is your secret talent no one knows about? Or What are you currently watching on Netflix? The questions can be different, the main point here is that your employees will be engaged and have fun at the same time.

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Your employees will feel happier when they bond with their colleagues, whether learning that they have the same interests or like the same TV show. This will make them motivated during the working hours and increase their productivity.

As you see, using creative tools for raising employee motivation can play a vital role. Authenticity is crucial for maintaining a great work atmosphere. Start engaging your team in the most advanced ways!


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