A church is a big family comprised of many members. As in every family, love, understanding and prosperity come when the members share their thoughts, concerns and happiness. They are united by their beliefs, special life moments and mutual support. These values make the families stronger.

In church, as in family, members need to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns, needs and requests in order to encourage and be encouraged by others. This creates a bond and a spirit of a family within the congregation.

To achieve this relationship and unity in church communities, pastors need to converse with their congregation members individually and simply listen to them. Doing this in small churches makes sense, however, the ones having a larger number of members won’t ever manage talking to every single member. For that very reason, pastors and other church leaders are advised to use some digital tools to get instant responses from everyone in a matter of seconds.

The most effective solution is to use a polling app during sermons, meetings or seminars to collect feedback. Polling in church involves asking questions, showing the questions on a screen and asking congregants to text their response.

Here are some real-life examples:

1. Live polls to aid Bible study: 

Check the understanding of Bible chapters and verses through polling quizzes and open-ended questions.

2. Enhance Christian life: 

Learn how often church members connect with God in their daily life.

3. Need-based questions: 

Find out what hinders the congregants’ spiritual growth, learn about their prayer requests or simply check out what they want for as a snack for the next Sunday.

4. Evaluation: </2>
Identify the effectiveness of each seminar and sermon, receive suggestions and improve the sessions to benefit everyone.


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