A talent show is a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills by performing talents of singing, dancing, acting or playing an instrument.

Even though those performing may be selected for special recognition, these shows are not created only for them. So, what is the main reason that makes talent shows so popular? The audience!

contest and talent show voting with Swift Polling
Talent shows mean nothing without audience presence and participation. The audience is more interested in talent shows that are contests instead of just performances. They love judging, voting and wondering who is going to win.

The voting and the revealing of the winners become the most exciting parts of the talent shows. Usually judges choose the winners, although the audience can be included by text voting. If the audience doesn’t see their expected results, they can see it as a lack of impartiality. Because of this, they lose interest in participating and in voting. They need something visible to measure the fairness of overall voting and result calculations.

One of the best ways to engage the audience and to keep them interested is by showing them their voting results right away. You can try Swift Polling, which will allow them to vote and to see the real-time results on the screen. This will help to keep them interested and to avoid the impartiality.

In traditional paper voting, there are opportunities for votes to be changed, lost, or incorrectly recorded during the counting process. It is also highly time-consuming. All of the time is spent on filling in the paper, folding it and placing it in a sealed box, which is emptied later for counting.

In comparison with traditional voting, real-time polling is easier, faster and simpler to use. It lets you text to vote anonymously, but using a mobile device makes it more fun and less time-consuming. Moreover, the real-time results help the audience to visualize the process of voting and to keep up with changes that are being recorded in real-time.

Here are some tips on how to use real-time polling for your talent shows.

1. School Talent Shows


This is a great way to bring students, teachers, and parents together. Many schools and universities hold talent shows every year because it helps students to show their special skills. Also, it is a great team-building experience for all ages that provides character-building lessons during practice and performance. Real-time polling tools allow teachers’ votes to stay anonymous and make voting quicker. There is no need to count the votes because they are already shown on the screen in real-time.


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2. Singing Talent Shows

Singing competition shows are very popular. The contestants perform their own songs or covering existing ones. When it comes to voting, contestants and audience can become impatient because of the long results-counting process. This causes extra stress for contestants and a little bit of annoyance for audience. Thus, it is more preferable for both sides to see real-time results. The principle of voting stays the same: text to vote. Try the real-time polling tool for your next singing talent show and check the feedback with participants and audience. No waiting, no stress!

3. Dance competitions

Dancing is a way to share the joy that one feels for movement and music. It is also a way to express yourself. That is why dance competitions are so popular and loved by the audience. Organizers put on dance contests during various youth projects, events and even workshops. The objective is to promote diverse dance styles and to discover fresh talents. If you need your audience to be engaged during the show, there is no better way than to give them the opportunity to choose their favorite dancer by text voting right from their mobile devices. Audience interaction will be beneficial for the overall success of your show. Also, it will make them excited to follow the process of voting on the screen and to see real-time results.

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