Companies spend enormous amounts of time and effort to create and deliver the most relevant, interesting and captivating content at trade shows. Despite this, one question is still very difficult to answer – are your visitors actually paying attention?

Trade show exhibitors need audience engagement tools for two reasons: to promote a product or service indirectly and to collect better leads.

ExciteM’s Interactive Polling is an excellent tool for engaging your audience and collecting qualified leads while people are visiting your conference or trade show booth.

Contests — especially those that offer prizes to voters as well as winners — are a great tool to engage with your visitors and offer them another interesting thing to do at your booth.

ExciteM’s tools help enhance audience engagement and make efficient use of the time and space, as well as the effort companies put in to shine during these events.

ExciteM’s recent campaign for Syngenta, a turf management company, in collaboration with Gibbs and Soell Communications at GIS 2018, a golf industry trade show, is a brilliant example of how to leverage the tools to create real interest towards your products and services.


About the campaign

Syngenta Turf wanted to promote its science-backed solution for turf management on golf courses. Customers push the industry forward, so communicating and engaging with them at trade shows is very important for Syngenta.

ExciteM helped Syngenta conduct a photo contest to promote a campaign — called “Condition. Perform. Recover.” — which says that turf needs to be treated like a professional athlete. The contest asked visitors to Syngenta’s trade show booth to choose a favorite photo in two categories: golf courses and athletes.


That is awesome engagement! The campaign went very well.

This was the best trade-show we’ve had yet.


The photo contest helped emphasize both parts of Syngenta’s messaging. It also helped Syngenta engage with people across the industry and give customers a platform to celebrate what they do.


The structure

There were two categories in the contest: golf courses and athletes. In each category, four contestants had previously submitted a thematic picture and the audience members chose their favorite. The winner in each category received a $2,500 prize, a winner was chosen at random among those who voted, and all who voted submitted contact information to Syngenta.


The experience



The audience filled out a brief form on iPads in order to vote. This allowed Syngenta to collect email addresses and phone numbers for potential customers.


The visitors scrolled through the images, tapped to see descriptions and voted in each category.




After the voting, Syngenta had a Twitter call to action in order to help spread the word with a pre-populated tweet. All the voters had to do was touch a button.


The results were updated in real time and displayed on TV screens in the booth.


The voting and the real-time results were available on Syngenta’s website as well.


There were four main elements in this contest:


  1. The voting experience on iPads at the trade show
  2. The results screens in the trade show booth
  3. Twitter virality tool
  4. Voting on the website

ExciteM’s platform also allowed for random winner selection (out of entries).

Syngenta had a huge success with the contest and collected several thousand entries and votes, enlarged their email list and were able to identify two people who won the $2,500 grand prize, which is a great way to support the industry. The contest was also a fun and unique way to drive the message of Syngenta – which was the only company in the industry using such an innovative tool.


ExciteM’s Interactive Polling solution is a customizable platform that allows event organizers to create branded contests, polls, open ended questions and display the real-time results as well as collect visitor information and measure participation in an engaging and meaningful way.


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