Gathering audience feedback using paper questionnaires or surveys can consume precious time and effort. Swift Polling offers a quicker way with real-time polls. The audience can submit responses with texts or online without having to register and the results are displayed immediately on your screen.

Learn about Swift’s newest feature, open-ended questions, and the advantages it offers.

1. Choose the right format for your question


In Swift Polling you can create two types of questions: multiple choice and open ended.
For the multiple choice questions, type the question in the specified field. Create as many answer choices as you like by clicking the “add option” button. The results are collected and calculated from two sources: text messages and the web.

For example, this type of question is used during classes in universities to get feedback from students.


CA 1.png

Class act.png

The open-ended questions allow the audience to vote only by text messages. The audience sends messages and personal comments to the provided number. Click “Present” after launching the poll and the results are displayed on a separate window. Your audience will see the phone number they need to send their comments in the upper left corner.


Select between the buttons “Single” or “Multi” on the right upper corner to choose whether the answers are displayed all at once or one at a time. You can also star some comments, archive them or delete them. On the presentation mode, the starred comments can be chosen to be displayed separately instead of displaying all the incoming feedback without filtering. Choose the “Star” icon or the “All” icon. The results can also be displayed full screen by clicking the “Arrows” button.

Choose also the color scheme “Light” or “Dark.”



2. Why Swift Polling?


Swift is a user-friendly tool that is also fast, mobile and controllable. It is user-friendly because the audience can vote from any gadget that they have with them, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. They don’t need to register or give any personal information to vote. In this way, Swift provides complete anonymity to its users.


The users and the audience don’t need to wait until the results are calculated, Swift is so fast that they can see the results visualized in real time through pie and graph charts. Swift is mobile because the voting can be paused, stopped or launched any time. And finally, the presenters can completely control which comments will be shared and which will be deleted or archived.


3. Swift is perfect for meetings


If you are having weekly, monthly or annual meetings with your employees or colleagues then Swift is a perfect solution. Swift Polling surveys can be used for performance assessment, planning, discussing company improvement goals and obstacles and for sharing new ideas with each other. Swift allows more room for creativity because its anonymity encourages people to speak up.


As the voting begins and people see the results on the screen, it is time for a lively discussion. No topics need to be left out, even those that concern only one person or a few people. Using the polls, you can also prioritize the topics, again by asking people to vote.



4. Use Swift for idea generation


Swift offers live communication and sharing among team members to help generate new ideas. Post an open-ended question for people to send their suggestions and ideas. As the ideas pop up on the screen, reading them will generate more.

audience feedback

This strategy can also be used during presentations. If you are not sure about the preferences of the audience or what is most important to them, then ask them to vote. Create the poll on Swift beforehand, embed it on your presentation and launch directly from the slide. Set the number of votes to “unlimited” to allow ideas to flow unrestricted.



5. Organize contests


To spice up your presentation, organize funny contests for the audience. If you are one of many people presenting at a conference, this trick will definitely make you stand out. You can use the open-ended feature of Swift to collect responses and award the funniest one, or the most analytical one.

Ask the audience to answer a brainteaser or continue a sentence. For example, “If I had million dollars I would….”

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