Giving a presentation can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t complement the quality of the visuals and your speech-delivery skills. Below we provide more than 50 resources to skyrocket your PowerPoint presentation ideas and skills. Get ready to create, practice and present the best ones.

Articles and blogs

The following articles will give you several hints about creating outstanding PowerPoint presentations, delivering powerful speeches and providing an unforgettable audience experience.

PowerPoint Presentation Resources

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Courses and education

Check out these short-term courses prepared and presented by professors and field professionals from companies such as IBM and Ernst and Young.


Videos and podcasts

Take a look at these videos to help you get a better grasp of the best practices in delivering a presentation. Learn the tips and tricks to killer presentations.


All of the resources provided above will help you provide your audience a presentation worthy of applauding instead of yawning.


Which one did you find most useful?


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