We all know how things go during casual company meetings. Usually, most of the employees are not eager to express their opinions or share their ideas with others. Some of them are shy, others keep getting distracted during the meeting or don’t pay attention.

So how do you make your meetings engaging? How do you make sure that everyone participates and contributes?


For that we offer five new ideas that are great solutions to your problem.
1. Increase your audience’s engagement by using real-time polls


You can leverage technology to help everyone express their thoughts freely including the ones that are shy but usually have unique perspectives on important matters. This might sound bizarre, however, it will help achieve close to hundred percent engagement by your employees.


How to do this:


Come up with some questions in advance that you can ask your employees. For example, you can ask them to vote for the most hardworking colleague or for the best project of the month.


This type of questions will increase the team spirit because


You can even create dashboards that will display the leaders among your employees in different nominations. All you have to do is enter Swift Polling. This online tool enables you to create your own polls and visualise the results with ease. After signing up, you will be able to create questions, link several questions to each other and see the votes of your employees coming in real time.   



2. Make sure there are no questions left unanswered

After you get everyone participating, you need to make sure that all your employees understand all the complicated concepts discussed during the meeting. It’s also important to make sure everyone understands the tasks and milestones.


Now it is time for them to ask you some questions. Voting also provides a way to gather feedback.


How to do this:


Come up with some examples of real-life situations and ask your employees to send their answers. This helps them to have a more thorough understanding of the concepts. After they vote, discuss the results. You can even divide your employees into small groups and the group members might be able to address each others’ questions. If you decide to divide them into groups, approach each group one by one and make sure that all the answers are correct. Sometimes, the employees may be under an impression that they understand the concept, but there may be some aspects that only you can clarify.


3. Learn about the challenges

External and internal factors can be obstacles for the team’s commitment and efficiency. Company meetings are the best place to learn about those obstacles.


If you just ask the question “What is the main difficulty that prevents you from showing satisfactory results?” many people will remain silent. Instead, go to swift.excitem.com create a poll and ask your employees to send their ideas.


How to do this:


You can first ask the question “Is the obstacle you are facing coming from external or internal factors?” and give them three choices to respond: external, internal and both. After this, link your first poll to another poll by using the “link” section of the “advanced” settings of Swift (learn how to do it here). Do not hurry to include the second poll yet! After your employees answer the first question, the results will be displayed on your screen. Based on their answers, ask them to name some specific difficulties that they are facing. A few will have the courage to voice their opinion. After the difficulties are named, create the second poll and ask them to vote again. This way, those who were silent can just choose the answer they agree with the most.


Now you have a much more accurate picture of the challenges your employees are facing.



4. Don’t forget about the games

Almost every company meeting can be long and tiring, especially when you are discussing a complex concept or you have a lot of reports to go over.


That’s why you need to organize some games that will ease the atmosphere and help your employees relax. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to purchase anything new for your games. You can organize everything through questions. But this time, your questions need to be entertaining and funny.


How to do this:


First give your employees a list of options on Swift to choose from. For example:


Please choose one



These choices might seem strange at first glance, but let us explain.


Let’s say the majority voted “Do you have a funny childhood memory you would like to share?” Then, you would ask them to share their stories. This team-bonding exercise helps your employees get to know each other better while sharing some laughs.


Now, let’s say the majority voted “I like animals.” In this case, you can give them a sequence of funny questions connected with animals. For example, “How many monkeys would it take to take down an elephant?” or “If you could live as an animal for one day, would you choose to be a lion (as the king of all animals) or a falcon (to be able to fly)?”


The same approach works also for the food topic. Examples of funny questions: “If after a zombie apocalypse there are only two pizzas left on the planet, would you share them with the person sitting on your left?” Or you can come up with a sequence of some funny comparisons that true gourmands can never resist. For example, “Donut or Ice Cream?” or “Pizza or Pasta?”


Go to Swift to link the polls together. Just make sure that you have the answers for each of the games prepared in advance.
5. Review your meeting at the end

Organizing efficient and engaging company meetings is not a simple thing to do, especially if you are shifting format from traditional meetings.


It’s important to get feedback from your employees on the new meeting format. Try to keep it short, no more than 10 or 15 minutes. You can ask them to vote on which parts they liked the most and whether they would like to keep them for the following meetings. You can also eliminate the unpleasant parts of your interactive meeting after getting their feedback.


These tips will help make your company meetings more engaging and efficient.




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