We use various tools to help us overcome obstacles and be more productive in our daily lives and at work. Productivity is key to get more done in less time and with less effort. At Swift, we have always been dedicated to not just solve a major problem our users face, such as audience engagement and participation in different settings, but also ensure that the solution is easy and effortless to use.

In this article we summarized 4 productivity features that save time for our users and make working with Swift enjoyably fast.

Copy a poll


If you want to create a new poll which is very similar to one of your existing polls but has some minor differences, you do not have to create it from scratch. When you use the “Copy” tool, Swift will take all the data and settings from the poll which is being copied (including voting channels, option images, custom text reply, WEB polling widget and its background, voting limits) into a new poll, will let you do your changes and then launch the poll.

Don’t spend time going back and forth between an old poll and a new one to create a similar poll. Use the “Copy” feature which will do the work for you.




You will find the “Copy” button inside the additional menus for each poll in the “Polls” section and in the poll results pages.


Poll scheduling


What can be better than creating a poll once and not having to return to it later in order to launch it? Isn’t it better to be able to create your polls in advance without being forced to do so right before your event (usually in rush)?

With Swift’s built-in poll scheduler tool our users don’t have to worry about the forementioned issues and have the comfort of scheduling the start and stop times for any poll.



Moreover, you can choose what is displayed in the WEB widget after the poll is stopped. The available options are either a simple “Stay tuned” page or the results (with customizable title text).

You can also clear scheduling data for your polls in a single click after having them scheduled.


Create many polls at once with ease


What if you have many questions to create and possibly link them in a survey later? The conventional workflow would be to create the poll, then stop it, then go back to the poll setup page and start over.

There should be a better way for sure! With the “Save and new” feature you do not have to do all of that. Furthermore, all that is needed to be done in order to create many polls at once is just set up your poll and instead of launching it, click “Save and new”.




This will save your poll in an inactive state (so that it doesn’t affect your existing current poll which is being voted on) and will take you to a new poll setup page automagically all at once.

And some more great news – the feature is available with all our plans by default!


Enabling and disabling WEB polling independently


What if you launched a poll with text and WEB voting but changed your mind? What if you want to stop the voting on your website, and continue collecting votes in the meeting room?


You can do that in one click with Swift’s new feature. Just go to the “Polls” list and choose the poll which you want to stop receiving WEB votes on and click “Disable WEB voting”. Easy as that.



You can enable the feature back the same way whenever you want. Note that enabling WEB voting is not available for polls which have been set up without it. Really need to enable WEB voting for a poll with only text setup? Click “Edit” and activate WEB, choose a template and get going!


As you can see, creating and managing polls is not only easy with Swift Polling, but also effortless and timesaving! Now go get yourself a cup of coffee, Swift has saved that time for you!



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