ExciteM is proud to share with its users, that Swift Polling has received two awards: the Rising Star 2017 as a successful startup and the Great User Experience 2017 as a platform providing good user experience by FinancesOnline. This spectacular software review platform added Swift Polling review to their list, where a team of professionals analyzed Swift’s achievements and progress with live polling and its service.



Team of experts from FinancesOnline has generated reviews of the best survey softwares and we are happy to be included n their top 50 list. The experts confirmed that Swift is an intuitive polling platform that requires no additional efforts to use it. All you need is to select a template, ask your question and activate the poll. They also appreciated the fact that Swift enables audience interaction. While the audience doesn’t directly communicate, the real-time on air graphics demonstrate the polling results, allowing them to share opinions and learn about the consensus. The speaker can use Swift to moderate the discussion, support it through additional questions or promote a debate. It can be used in corporations, educational institutions, politics and other areas to help one uncover how the audience thinks about the brand, person, ideas, and other topics. Swift also enjoyed a high position in Customer Experience Management Software products awarded by FinancesOnline. The platform identified that Swift has a 83% user satisfaction rate. It also demonstrated Swift’s pricing plan and provided further information about the technical details.


Audience Engagement Software

If you are having a hard time keeping your audience engaged and focused during a presentation or a lecture, or if you are looking for a tool to help you gather anonymous information about your brand, product or persona, then we suggest you using Swift Polling. Create a poll and ask your audience jump into the pool of engagement.

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