Engagement Multiplier states that “employee engagement strategies have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits (A. Brown, 2016)” . What keeps the world economy moving? A very simple answer to this is all the different types of organizations and their customers that are the lifeblood of the local and global economy. They emerge, offer and exchange products which puts money flow into motion.

All the other factors held constant, in order to successfully evolve and be productive, the companies need satisfied and happy workforce. This is achievable if the company aims to empower its employees by giving them opportunity to be a part of organizational goal-setting procedures, giving them more decision making power, and making them feel that their opinion is heard and counted when shaping the company strategy. All of these tools are enforced by carefully and fairly structured compensation packages.

Now let’s look if companies succeed to implement to-the-success strategy




Why companies fail to increase job satisfaction and employee engagement 


Seems like all the knots are untangled and companies have the secret recipe to success, however the statistics show that only 15% of worldwide employees feel engaged in their organizationsunder 50% of all US workers feel satisfied with their jobs, and 51% of employeesin the USA look for new job opportunities.

What is going wrong then? 

There are some internal problems that companies neglect to address and ultimately fail to increase their employees’ job satisfaction. 

Some of these problems are: 

These problems seem far-flung and multivariate, however there is one solution to all of these problems.


3 tips to increase employee engagement with Swift Polling


To address all the issues in a cost-efficient and up-to-date manner, a company can use Swift polling by ExciteM. This is a tool to engage audience with real-time polling via web and text poll options. Swift aggregates the results in real-time and represents the data in easily readable graphics and charts. The results can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations and be shown to the audience during the group meetings or large conferences. 


Swift is a very good way to collect actionable feedback with ease. 

But where is the link between Swift and employee engagement problems? 

  1. Swift polling is helpful to gather organization-wide information in a very short time span. For example, a company can organize an all-hands meeting where it will introduce the new strategy of the organization and ask a question(s) to learn the employee sentiment regarding issues or new suggestions.
  2. Swift polling has a feature to submit feedback entries via text messages. The company will provide a phone number to its employees and they will be able to text their questions, concerns and offers to this number.
  3. Companies usually use KPIs or scorecards to evaluate the employees’ performance but very few ask for the employees’ opinions about the company’s performance from a qualitative point of view. 

The answers to the questions can be gathered with Swift polling. The employees will see the questions on the polling page and will submit their answers either via web or text messages. In the end, the company will see what is the workers’ standing about the issues/suggestions in an easy and cost-efficient way. 

Moreover, those workers who usually refrain from expressing their opinions, will have an opportunity to do so online or with text messaging because it is anonymous. Overall, this approach will increase employee engagement and will empower the workers even more by showcasing that their opinions matter and are heard. 

Typically, Human Resources department will be responsible to receive this feedback on the company’s Swift account and take action to create value. 

For example, as in the case above, one worker is being too noisy and disturbing other workers, the latters can send their concerns to HR with Swift who will take necessary actions to solve the problems. 

By providing this service (meaning Swift) to the employees, the company will improve one of the job satisfaction aspects and, again, will enhance organizational engagement and citizenship. 


With Swift the companies could conduct job satisfaction surveys quarterly or semiannually, which would help them come up with current motivation and job satisfaction levels of employees and direct necessary resources to increase or maintain those levels. 



Advantages of Swift in an organizational setting


 The tips for Swift application come with several perks that are beneficial for the companies. 

Overall, Swift provides a smart solution to all the subproblems related to increasing the customer engagement in the organizations. 

Employees have been proven to be a key aspect of improving company’s assets and creating a competitive advantage. It means that keeping employees motivated translated into high efficiency should be a primary concern of organizations. Identifying the factors holding back the employee engagement, Swift suggests several solutions to overcome those problems. Finally, It should be emphasized, that these suggestions will bring no value unless the companies process the information received and respond to those and take actions accordingly.

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Now a question for you: “Does your company ensure real employee engagement?”

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