Captivating your audience has never been this easy. In the era of disruptive technologies you are empowered to capture, engage and keep your audience with a single click that is through online Q&A tools.

Use online Q&A tools to enable each and every participant of your audience to submit a question or feedback to the moderator or speaker and get an instant response to their inquiry.

Here are the two handy tools that you may want to use during your next event, meeting, class or even church service:

1. Visualize Questions with Google Slide‘s Presenter View

Google Slides has developed an online Q&A tool which requires the audience

Afterward, the speaker or the moderator can hide or present questions on the screen and then move on to providing answers. 

More perks from Google Slide’s Q&A tool:

1.1. The audience can vote anonymously

On the page where the audience can post their questions, they have an option either to reveal their names or to vote anonymously.

This can be of a great help when the question refers to some personal or business-related information. Ultimately, the feature creates a sense of ownership of the event as participants get to touch base even on the most sensitive topics and get proper responses in return.

anonymous voting on Google Slide

 1.2. The speaker can prioritize questions

The speaker receives all the questions in a list and can choose which ones correspond and would contribute to the framework of the discussion. Moreover, several questions posted may have related answers, therefore, the speaker could provide more holistic response and optimize the time allocated for questions and answers. 

Additionally, the upvotes or downvotes to the questions also help the speaker to prioritize submitted questions based on the attendees’ interests.


1.3. Display questions on your Google slide

When presenter starts the Q&A session, s/he can display on the slide the questions that are being addressed. No need to tell the question orally and start captivating everyone’s attention, or wasting time to copy and paste questions in the slides – this is done by a click. 

display questions on Google slide to captivate your audience

2. Leverage Swift’s Online Q&A Feature

Swift Polling  is an interactive and user-friendly polling platform that enables you to post a question, collect answers via text messaging and display the results in real time. 

While Google Slides uses web to collect feedback, Swift gets round the potential internet bandwidth issue and enables gathering questions or answers via text. 

Next we introduce some of the nice features offered by Swift Polling:

2.1.  The audience feedback is displayed anonymously

Swift Polling allows the attendees to disguise their authenticity when submitting feedback online.

Attendees simply need to text their answers to the phone number shown on the screen and see their message appear there in real time.Swift Polling Q&A feature

2.2.  The moderator can customize questions

The moderator can archive, star or delete the submitted questions/answers from their personal Swift account. This will help to keep the session structured and organized.


2.3. The presentation page has a variety of features benefit from

On the presentation page, the moderator can:

The online Q&A tools in the era of disruptive technology make it easier than ever to captivate your audience and engage them during an event. Remember, it is easier to keep an existing customer, than to acquire a new one. Leverage these tools to get the highest value for you and your organization. 

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