Polling is a good way to obtain audience opinion on a specific subject, and publishers do not hesitate when it comes to asking the questions, instead of answering them as media’s primary engagement.

Publishers and news creators use a range of methods to put a poll in a visible place for their audience.

While each of these approaches is a good way to go, they mainly push readers in one direction – from content to a poll. This is always useful, because a very large fraction of potential voters have already read the article and may not be interested in spending more time interacting with it.

audience feedback with Swift Polling

ExciteM’s new article linking feature helps add context and increase article views. It also creates more interest with the readers being asked the question first, and then given suggestions to read the news.

This is how it works.

Create a poll in ExciteM’s dashboard and check the “Include article link” option.

This will enable more fields, which need to be filled, such as Text, URL and Image.



Put the URL of the article you think your voters will be interested in, add an eye-catching title and an image (related to the subject, possibly from the article itself) and launch your poll.

Our customers have experienced 30% click-through rate, which depending on the placement of the poll and it’s availability, can be converted into a significant increase in relevant “hits” on your news article.

It is critically important to not only make sure your article is visible, but also to ensure people who are really interested in your content actually read it.

Our article linking enables publishers to increase the visibility of their content and connect polls and articles in a meaningful and useful way for the reader. Moreover, more informed and interested readers will decrease the bounce rate of your pages, bringing more useful content to more interested readers.

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